Market Coverage

Over $17 trillion in market capitalisation (as at 2024-03-15) from our global coverage stocks across 10 non-financials industry sector, provides an efficient and representative sample for benchmarking and contextualising our 'bottom-up' company and stock analysis.  Our structured methodology around operating free cash flow and Miller & Modigliani principles meanwhile, enable us to standardise valuations across regions and accounting zones and offer investors with an unparalleled insight into the way markets price growth and risk into stock prices.  

Valuation Solutions

  • > 17 Trillion USD market coverage (and growing).
  • Our OWN proprietary analytics data. 
  • Portfolio Filtering
  • Market Risk Premium Analysis
  • Scenario & Valuation Risk Analysis
  • Market- Sector and Stock picking
  • Alert Services 
  • Bespoke stock analytics for uncovered stocks.
  • Bespoke Dynamic web based analytics tools

Markets: London and European Stock Exchanges, NASDAQ, NYSE

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