Methodology + Clean Data = Insight

At GROWTHRATER  we provide consulting and advisory services in equity valuation and risk modelling to investment management institutions and corporate managers and advisers.

Our team consists of award winning experts, with leadership experience from major buy and sell side financial institutions and information technology. Including a unique application of fundamental valuation methodology and our deep pool of proprietary and standardised company data and forecasts, we are able to offer our research partners with unrivalled insights on how markets price in growth and volatility.

The GROWTHRATER ‘s structured approach is leveraged onto a real-time and interactive webApp platform which reflects the dynamic nature of markets and offers easy to use tools for identifying mispriced assets and to anticipate and model the impact of change.

Unique approach and perspective

Surprising as it may seem, markets are rational in the way they price stocks.

The problem for investors however, is finding the right perspective to see this, as much of what passes for research is merely momentum based extrapolation, while ‘fundamental’ research is often impenetrable and built on a myriad of unsubstantiated assumptions.   

At GROWTHRATER, we recognise an equity for what it is; a growth instrument and value accordingly (see Methodology). Markets strive for equilibrium between growth delivered by a company’s trading prospects and the growth implicit in its valuation, but it takes a combination of a broad coverage universe and proprietary data sets and forecasts to be able to reveal this in an easily digestible form.  

  • Directly align a fundamental valuation with company trading performance
  • Reveal these dynamic relationships and market psychology – market responses are rational and can be anticipated
  • Mean reversion as markets seek equilibrium
    • Both by growth implied vs delivered
    • By horizon point to market average for ‘super-normal’ growth delivery
  • Measure margins of error on trading and valuation to anticipate change and manage portfolio risk

Systematic relationship + structured valuation approach = reliable predictive valuation and risk analysis tools

Your Research Partner

  • Bespoke Company analytics (Premium Industry clients only)
  • Professional Confidentiality 
  • Market dynamics and Alerts 
  • GROWTHRATER interactive Analytic Toolsets (Investment Analysts)
  • Independent advice
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