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Anthony de Larrinaga

Principal Analyst

"I’m very happy to welcome you to the GrowthRater. Our Reports not only provide information you can act on but demonstrate the GrowthRater a tool any investor can use for independent analysis. ​"

The Analysts behind GrowthRater are industry award winning Institutional investment analysts with decades of experience behind them.  

GrowthRater Analytics is derived from Nobel Prize awarded economic theory but with a twist for Stock and Equity valuation, to communicate a more accurate and profitable toolset for investment decisions and make this available to everyone. 

Sounds complicated? We provide a web dashboard to make this usable by any investor​

GrowthRater is a systematic valuation service based on realtime market information that is predictive for valuations across time.

This is something traditional Stock market analytics such as PE Ratio's cannot do. Even better for the serious investor GrowthRater provides you the data and the tools to test assumptions and other people’s analysis for yourself.

So you don’t have to take our assumptions any more than anybody else’s. You can apply your own.

GrowthRater is unique investment analysis service.

- Our own proprietary fundamental ground floor analysis of all stocks and markets we cover.

- Our data sets take into account all distorting information and is ready to use for predictive valuations

- We have build a web application dashboard that has the tools you need to apply these methods, data to your own portfolios by yourself.