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Yahoo drops its plan to spin-off its Alibaba stake – Oops!

After almost a year since announcing the planned spin-off of its remaining holding in Alibaba, Yahoo’s board of Directors “after careful review.. has unanimously decided to suspend work on the pending plan”. Tax reasons are cited for the volte-face, in that the IRS (as we reported only last week) were unimpressed by the whole scheme […]

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Yahoo – last one to leave please turn off the lights!

So having failed to rejuvenate the core and divert attention to crystallising value from selling down the peripheral assets, Marissa Mayer and the Yahoo board are now left with the one last option, sell the rump. But with under $5bn of sales and barely profitable, what might it be worth and does the proposed spinoff […]

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Yahoo unveils ‘SpinCo’. Well it can’t be plainer than that surely?

Yahoo Inc: New management has finally accepted what the markets have been trying to discount for some time; that with Jerry Wang’s legacy investments in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, Yahoo was beginning to look like an investment trust. New CEO, Marissa Marr’s decision to split off the remaining (15.4%) stake in Alibaba into a new […]

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