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US debt ceiling and the point of no return

What is the drifting gold price trying to tell us, because rising inflation and reckless government fiscal policies suggests impending currency debasement? Is this just another case of cognitive dissonance, that has accompanied COVID-19(84), or perhaps a temporary phenomena such as a big holder being forced to sell gold to raise USD to cover some […]

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Rising implied inflation heralds the end of the MMT party

“By My word and for the good of the state, The bearer has done what has been done.”   Has WuFlu returned us to a fictional 17th century where any excess is permissible “for the good of the state”, but where accountability is as nebulous as the infamous ‘Carte Banche’?  Looking at the unmitigated project fear […]

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‘Moar’ central planning call by new ECB chief

“Moar, Moar and Moar” seems to be the message from the ECB’s new president, Christine Lagarde in her first speech in that role. ‘Moar’ EU and EMU, ‘Moar’ fiscal loosening and therefore ‘Moar’ monetary indulgence that will be needed to pay for it. Perhaps more worrying however, was the central planning sub-text running through this […]

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