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Hobson’s Choice – Rising rates or a currency crisis

Just how much red pilling can a market take?  How about the realisation that the economic recovery following the 2008 financial crash as been an illusion based on monetary easing that was conducted in a way to disguise the inflationary consequences, overstate economic growth while forcing investors up the risk curve, where they will be […]

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Gold slumps – forming a ‘Macron bottom’?

So what’s up with the Gold price, which has tumbled by approx -5% in less than 48 hours?  While 10 year US treasury yields are barely changed, a falling gold price on a rising US dollar suggests the Fed may be forced kicking and screaming back onto a monetary tightening tack and this also seems […]

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Lip smacking organic revenue growth from Pepsi is not what is seems

Pepsi’s reported organic revenue growth has been edging ahead all year and for Q3 it was up at +7.4%. For the purveyors of the black teeth rot, this was impressive, particularly since underlying sales volumes were up by only +1% globally. A quick look at the details however provided the answer with ‘organic’ revenues up […]

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