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US employment data yet to support an early easing in monetary policy

We may be heading for a recession, but not one that is so far being flagged by current US employment or wage data. For those anticipating an early peaking of interest rates by the US Federal Reserve, that therefore might come as a disappointment, as without a more pressing evidence of an already significant cooling […]

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June employment data – enough to keep the various bull(S) spin machines fed

June’s US non-farm payroll numbers probably contain enough straws for punters to continue to spin a positive prognosis for markets.  A further  rise in monthly private sector jobs of  +662k,  suggests the US recovery is building, but the modest increase in average earnings, given these are focused on the lower paid and more transitory jobs […]

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US employment data for July – rate fears over-done (again)

Another month and another non-farm payroll number for markets to chew on. After what is now looking to be an abnormal data point for May, private sector employment growth has now posted a second month of gains at over 200k. Stretch this out over a year and we are still talking an average monthly increase […]

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