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Never let a crisis go to waste

Well, they’ve got their financial reset, muzzled us and frightened us into obsequiousness. Unfortunately, as this CV-19 ‘pandemic’ develops, a chasm is opening up between Government policy in some countries and what is actually supportable by the IFR data. What might have been reasonable in the fog of the March panic is increasingly less so […]

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Curiouser and curiouser!

Will Trump go ‘full Boris’ after his brush with the ‘China virus’ and follow the Democrats with more lock-downs, or will it harden his resolve to get America back to work? Hopefully it will be the latter, as the pace of employment growth is already slowing and Pelosi’s foot-dragging on the stimulus bill will only […]

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Command economics, or just fantasy financing?

Are the lockdowns really an attempt to spare over-whelming health services, or an excuse to bail out all those bad loans sitting on bank balance sheets since 2008? Either way, as IFR data emerges and debt liabilities spiral out of control, the justification and ability to sustain these policies are crumbling. Without central bank support […]

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More fake statistics!

In war, the first casualty is often the truth. In the current pandemic and polarised political environment, this seems to be doubly so. Pre-existing conditions might be what kills you with COVID-19, but it is the pre-existing political bias and goal-seeking that is more alarming. Don’t expect the data to lead the narrative. Want Biden […]

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