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Thomas Cook Group – analysis, or time for catastrophe modelling?

The recent gyrations in the Thomas Cook share price (a +50% surge yesterday and -13% correction today), might have you reaching for your catastrophe models, but its volatility after its latest guidance cut ought not to be that surprising. Combine a volatile top line with low margins, substantial financial leverage and a low rate of […]

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Prosieben – a sub +1% growth stock or just oversold?

Spare a thought for those long suffering shareholders of German commercial TV stocks, RTL and Prosieben as Morgan Stanley dumped on the stocks with a negative report on Friday, sending them down a further 7% and -6% respectively against the DAX index that was up +1%. Presumably it was another rendition of the argument that […]

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Are you applying the wrong valuation currency?

Prices are set by the marginal buyer, while financial markets establish conformity around valuation currencies that encourage buying, which in turn stimulates more borrowing and therefore more ‘moolah’ for those that dominate these markets.  The latter obscures the ‘real’ price that is being paid by the former, which is why they need tools such as […]

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WPP – position closed with a +19% relative gain (>+330% annualised ;-)

Add a bit of mean reversion to GrowthRatings, with a healthy pinch of recency bias and you can have a wild ride in these menopausal markets. For example, three weeks ago on this blog I highlighted the unloved Agency sector and in particular WPP.  Those listening to what some key marketeers were saying about their […]

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WPP – friendless & unloved – perfect!

Not all marketing investment seems wasted. After P&G’s earlier withering criticism of its digital marketing ROI, Diageo’s Q2 report yesterday, delivering a combination of rising A&P investment, organic sales growth and underlying operating margins, suggests a more nuanced approach may be needed by investors to the industry’s current problems. Faced with an unsolicited approach from […]

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Are equity markets expensive?

This is a regular question posed by investors and market commentators, but in many ways is also the most meaningless. This is because the relative merits of equities as an asset class owes more to the ebb and flow of liquidity to goose demand, rather than some theoretical notion of a ‘correct’ valuation that should […]

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