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September jobs report – no comfort here for more money printing!

Another government statistic and another opportunity it seems to spin it to support a corrupt narrative. This time, it is the monthly US jobs data for September, where the headline jobs growth of ‘only’ 194,000 is touted as evidence of weak economic activity and ergo an argument for postponing any discussion of tapering by the […]

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“US Economy added only 148k jobs in December” …… Oh really?

A new year it may be, but don’t expect much improvement in the headline analysis of spurious government statistics. On Friday we had the December non-farm payroll figures. The headline net job additions was ‘only’ +148k in the month, which CNBC, the WSJ and other main media were quick to inform us was below the […]

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“Carney warns fall in migrant workers could push up wages and inflation” – Doh!

“There’s an old saying. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining” (The Outlaw Josey Wales – 1976)   The headlines, such as the one above from the Guardian may have juiced up the point a little, but underlying the attempted prevarication in his recent speech on Globalisation and inflation, this is pretty […]

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