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United States can “certainly” afford to support wars on two fronts – Yellen

A runaway deficit already at around $2tn pa and rising interest rates as the US government is forced to compete for funds to pay for this and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants us to believe her administration can afford another war.  For those bond funds already burned from believing her claims in 2021 that […]

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The monster from the ID – inflation

The 1956 movie Forbidden Planet was at its core a tale of hubris; that technology can overcome nature, whether for Krell or human. The analogy for  markets might be the conceit that the business cycle can be expunged without consequence and that one can borrow oneself out of debt.  Like the ‘monster from the Id’ […]

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June employment data – enough to keep the various bull(S) spin machines fed

June’s US non-farm payroll numbers probably contain enough straws for punters to continue to spin a positive prognosis for markets.  A further  rise in monthly private sector jobs of  +662k,  suggests the US recovery is building, but the modest increase in average earnings, given these are focused on the lower paid and more transitory jobs […]

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