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US employment data yet to support an early easing in monetary policy

We may be heading for a recession, but not one that is so far being flagged by current US employment or wage data. For those anticipating an early peaking of interest rates by the US Federal Reserve, that therefore might come as a disappointment, as without a more pressing evidence of an already significant cooling […]

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Gold slumps – forming a ‘Macron bottom’?

So what’s up with the Gold price, which has tumbled by approx -5% in less than 48 hours?  While 10 year US treasury yields are barely changed, a falling gold price on a rising US dollar suggests the Fed may be forced kicking and screaming back onto a monetary tightening tack and this also seems […]

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Good news now good news?

So is Good news now good for asset prices? For the last decade and particularly the last year however, its been more a case of multiple expansion driven by  central bank/Govt money printing rather than rising returns that have been responsible for this asset inflation, so why would another month of robust growth in US […]

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