“It’s Putin wot’s doin it”.

Geh weg, das ist mein Bier!

Geh weg, das ist mein Bier!

In a reversal of what happened in Valens’ day, the migrant flow is now going north from the Danube towards Germania rather than south, although there is a new empire that is to be shaken by such a move and that is no longer ruled from the south. Having wagged her imperial finger at the Brits only a few weeks before for their presumption in challenging her cherished Schengen Agreement with proposed border controls, Frau Merkel may now be forced to cross her own red line. Having also made no worthwhile concessions to Cameron on EU reform, it is almost as if the Eurocrats are trying their hardest to help the ‘No’ campaign and further hasten the demise of the European dream. This appearances of a wall of immigration has emerged almost as fast as did the ISIL, from which many are fleeing. Indeed perhaps suspiciously sudden. Maybe a step back or two is needed to restore some perspective on the participants and to also ask the all important ‘Cui Bono’ question.


First the main participants so far are the Syrians, who doing the fleeing and the Germans and Germany, which is where most seem to want to go. The principal conduit between these two meanwhile, has been Greece, which has been their main point of entry and now Hungary, which is where many so far seem to be stuck. As Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban is keen to point out, this is a “German problem” since that is were the migrants “would like to go”.  So let’s look at these participants by their political or ethnic affiliations.


Syria – key ally is Russia

Greece – likes orthodox Russia, but not the Germans at present, or ever!

Hungary – Viktor Orban is a pal of Putin

Germany – Supports US against Russia on Ukraine or whatever


There you have it, a sneaky attack by Putin. Instead of rolloing his tanks into Kiev, he asks his pal Assd to send a couple of millions Syrians over to Germany for the Oktoberfest instead and bring down the EU – brilliant ;).


Oh and while the EU crumbles from within, markets rally because Draghi has made some comments again, which no doubt translate into something like “MOAAR!”