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Wazzup today in the markets – 16th May 2017

ITE (ite_l) – H1 FY17 results & strategy review:  Underwhelming on both                                                                     . Vodafone (vod_l) – FY17 results:  Value trap as investors […]

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Eastman Chemical – when a picture is worth a thousand words

What is an equity, if not a participation in a cash flow stream where the yield can be determined by the prospective growth? With the correct methodology and cleaned up data, the GrowthRater does the heavy lifting for you to provide you with that perspective.   The message is simple – BUY growth when it […]

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Recency bias – the curse of financial markets!

  We are all guilty of it, but it is probably the single most dangerous investment sin. Perhaps it is part of our social evolution to conform. A sort of “Eat shit 17 quadrillion flies can’t be wrong”. With regards to financial markets you may have seen the same shit, but given a pseudo- intellectual […]

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