“Ukraine will become a member of NATO” – another gem from Blinken!

“All warfare is based on deception”, albeit presumably Sun Tzu expected those following this advice to be able to have a modicum of proficiency in misdirecting their opponents. So what are we to make of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s promise today that “Ukraine will become a member of NATO”, knowing full well this remains a red line for Russia, while also being the main factor in creating the current conflict.  Hopefully Putin will see the important caveat of “eventually” that Blinken slipped in before launching WW3 and appreciate this as yet more posturing by a discredited US administration of a failed adventure  in Ukraine.

Perhaps more extraordinary in this concluding tragi-comedy meanwhile has been the continuing doubling down by the client administrations and political elite in Europe notwithstanding the growing opposition from grass-roots citizens who are belatedly awakening to the scale of social, health and economic devastation, notwithstanding the seemingly endless distractions such as Ukraine and now Gaza.  NatGas prices may lost much of the increases in 2021 & 2022, but how many Europeans appreciate the continued price disadvantage their industry and economies are having to endure. With all the ‘Net Zero’ lunacy and having their ‘good ally’ bow up Nordstream2, is it surprising to see a steady stream of manufacturing industries relocate in what appears a deliberate de-industrialisation of Western Europe coinciding with soaring excess mortality rates of hitherto healthy working age populations and a deluge of barely literate and employable migrants. It all seems a heavy price to pay to try and defend the US dollar reserve status!


EU NatGas 5 times more expensive