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GrowthRater portfolio: Closing long position in IAG for +33% gain in 6 months (+24% relative to FT Allshare)

Having added IAG Plc (IAG_L) to the GrowthRater portfolio in those dark days post the Brexit vote I am now closing the position and taking my gains. With an entry price of 359p and exit price of 476p, that represents a gain of approx +33% over the six months. Over the same period the FT […]

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Marks & Spencer – remaining in the GrowthRater portfolio, but what about the other two?

Marks & Spencer: getting closer to delivering the growth being priced into the stock, with speculative bid/mgt recovery thrown in for free! I added this stock it to my portfolio last summer and the stabilisation in revenues, particularly in Clothing & Home in Thursday’s (12 Jan 2017) Q3 sales IMS continues to support that decision. […]

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Remember ‘Black Wednesday’? 3 stocks added to the GrowthRater model portfolio

‘Black Wednesday’ may have seemed pretty bleak at the time, but the over 12% decline in Sterling that accompanied our ejection from the ERM provided the stimulus to what subsequently became a boom that lasted to 2008. Looking at the carnage in the equity and fx markets immediately following the Brexit referendum result last Friday […]

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