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Publicis – a growing credibility issue as another client defects

“Omnicom demonstrated superior and proven performance in the area of data analytics, planning and buying, innovation, talent and financial value”  – P&G global brand officer Marc Pritchard on last week’s announcement that it will be replacing Publicis Groupe’s Starcom Mediavest with Omnicom’s OMG for its North American media-buying, worth around $2.66bn pa.   While the […]

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Lip smacking organic revenue growth from Pepsi is not what is seems

Pepsi’s reported organic revenue growth has been edging ahead all year and for Q3 it was up at +7.4%. For the purveyors of the black teeth rot, this was impressive, particularly since underlying sales volumes were up by only +1% globally. A quick look at the details however provided the answer with ‘organic’ revenues up […]

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Amazon through the growth prism

Amazon growthrater mean reversion Horizon analysis chart 23 July 2015

Markets often distinguish growth from value, but for an equity, growth defines value. For most stocks, this can be seen by the close relationship between the organic revenue growth being delivered by a company and the implied growth rating being discounted by the share’s operating FCF yield. A problem however arises when trying to price […]

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Recency bias – the curse of financial markets!

  We are all guilty of it, but it is probably the single most dangerous investment sin. Perhaps it is part of our social evolution to conform. A sort of “Eat shit 17 quadrillion flies can’t be wrong”. With regards to financial markets you may have seen the same shit, but given a pseudo- intellectual […]

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WPP Q3 – still on track to beat FY13 guidance, albeit discounted by markets and valuation

WPP’s Q3 revenue numbers today were solid, but with few real surprises. Year on year organic revenue growth of +5.0% maintained the similar rate already reported for July while also being slightly ahead of rivals Omnicom and Publicis.  Scanning the numbers being reported there are four main points that stand out. 1) UK organic revenue […]

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