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Shell shareholders deserve the BG deal they vote for!

There is something very wrong about this chart below. It shows only two things. The price of Brent crude oil and the discount of the BG share price to the offer value from the Royal Dutch Shell offer.  The latter data series shows the discount narrowing as regulatory clearances for the merger are received and […]

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First cracks appear as Shell shareholders start to oppose BG merger

Finally, it seems we are seeing some push-back from some Shell shareholders against the impending BG merger which is being voted on by Shell shareholders at the end of this month (27 January).  Standard Life has been grumbling for a while, but now finally has gone public. The only question is whether it has all […]

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Is there an oil price where Shell’s offer for BG doesn’t work?

Is there an oil price where Shell’s BG offer doesn’t make sense? Listening to Shell’s narrative, the position was initially that the oil price was going to rebound into 2016 and beyond, but then as this got progressively pushed back as prices relapsed, the emphasis was placed on the natural hedge that the share component […]

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