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Oil shocker – producers claim to want lower prices!

Good grief, there’s a lot of tosh spouted on where oil prices are going after Russia and Saudi Arabia pulled the plug on the current rally, once Brent oil hit the magical $80/bbl target.  The prize however, must go to Goldman’s straddle, where it seems the ‘technical’ analyst (someone who can draw straight lines) is […]

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Capitulation on oil price expectations may be needed before recovery

The vote on the 27 January by Royal Dutch Shareholders on whether to approve the merger with BG that is proposed by its management may have repercussions that extend well beyond the future of this proposed deal. At anywhere near the current oil price, the deal makes no commercial sense as even Shell’s own assessment […]

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Shell shareholders deserve the BG deal they vote for!

There is something very wrong about this chart below. It shows only two things. The price of Brent crude oil and the discount of the BG share price to the offer value from the Royal Dutch Shell offer.  The latter data series shows the discount narrowing as regulatory clearances for the merger are received and […]

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