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Oil shocker – producers claim to want lower prices!

Good grief, there’s a lot of tosh spouted on where oil prices are going after Russia and Saudi Arabia pulled the plug on the current rally, once Brent oil hit the magical $80/bbl target.  The prize however, must go to Goldman’s straddle, where it seems the ‘technical’ analyst (someone who can draw straight lines) is […]

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Is the current oil price/sector rally getting played out? 

It’s not exactly rocket science to work out that upstream oil profits and therefore oil major share prices are sensitive to prevailing oil prices.  It therefore ought not come as too much of a surprise then to see sector share prices respond favourably to the better than expected rally in oil prices, with Brent hitting […]

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Get the oil price right and make the right call on oil stocks

Invest in an oil major such as Exxon or Chevron and there are two over-riding factors to consider. The first and probably obvious one for Groups which traditionally make over three quarters of their income from pumping oil and gas out of the ground is the price of oil. While an oil spill and >$40bn […]

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