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More fake statistics!

In war, the first casualty is often the truth. In the current pandemic and polarised political environment, this seems to be doubly so. Pre-existing conditions might be what kills you with COVID-19, but it is the pre-existing political bias and goal-seeking that is more alarming. Don’t expect the data to lead the narrative. Want Biden […]

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Fake news volcano scare – an opportunity!

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. According to the Sunday Times yesterday (23rd September 2018), a volcano in Iceland (indeed an “Icelandic giant” called Katla no less) is “about to erupt”.  “The ash plume that brought European air travel to a standstill in 2010 could be dwarfed by an […]

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January beat for US non-farm payrolls – or did they?

Don’t you just love it? Every month the financial community analyses the eagerly awaited US non-farm payroll numbers and impresses us all with their reading of the state of the economy and the next potential move in interest rates and therefore life as we know it.  Of course for particularly sophisticated algo funds all this […]

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