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Norway – the COVID success story illusion

Norway stands out as an apparent success story on managing the COVID pandemic. Assisted by its small population and inaccessible communities, the strategy of digging a hole and hiding in it until a vaccine is available appears to have been vindicated by the low rate of infections and mortality, notwithstanding it having also pursued a […]

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New Black Swan Variant

There seems no shortage of possible Black Swan events looming, although markets still seem fixated on the twin fictions; that we can borrow our way out of debt and that we can also vaccinate ourselves out of a pandemic. Unfortunately, endless repetition through a controlled media/Tech will not make either true and over the next […]

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What if?

The progression of the Wuhan ‘lab leak’ hypothesis from conspiracy theory to mainstream consensus provides a salutary lesson not to accept an already implausible narrative because powerful vested interests would rather you did.  So consider this and the potential ramifications. What if the S Spike protein is the pathogen responsible for platelets to clump and […]

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