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Pelosi’s stake in NVIDIA: Front running, or trying to close an eroding position?

Is anyone really that surprised that Nancy Pelosi’s husband (Paul) may have been front-running a $52bn CHIPS Plus bill  that his wife was promoting a couple of days after the disclosure of his substantial investments in a potential beneficiary, NVIDIA?  Unfortunately, such behaviour has become all too normalised in the US’s two-tiered judicial system. What […]

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China’s crude oil import surge being refined and exported rather than implying rising domestic demand

If unplanned outages from Canada and Nigeria (of approx -2mb/d) have provided the supply side contraction behind the rebound in crude prices, China’s PBOC credit injection of $1tn in Q1 has helped to deliver the demand side component, which along with ECB and BoJ NIRP, have also helped keep the record levels of global inventories […]

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BMW Q2 results: three quarters of unit sales growth were from China!

What was that supposed Chinese curse – “May your wishes come true”? Well for foreign auto manufacturers dreaming of rising Chinese sales to offset withering Latin American demand and possible interest rate rises this may not have seemed much like a curse. Without China, BMW’s Q2 unit deliveries would have been up by a meagre […]

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