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Back in November, I reported on the alarming increases in excess mortality and as this blog’s prime focus is on financial markets I thought to express this reality through the share prices of two groups that were on opposing sides of this dynamic. This included Lincoln National (LNC) which insures the living and Service Corp (SCI) who can step in should they die. As per my previous observation, it remains fairly self-evident which end of this pair trade continues to out-perform!


Financial markets remain efficient pricing mechanisms


Notwithstanding an unseasonally warm start to winter this year in Europe, more people are dying. Intuitively, this might seem odd coming out of a bad ‘flu/Covid’ infection which should have culled a disproportion number of the weak and old in the preceding periods, but clearly the average health of the ‘survivors’ has deteriorated. This has also coincided with a marked reluctance, if not hostility, by govt/medical authorities to investigate the possible causes of this, with the result that “died suddenly” and “cause unknown” are near the top official explanations, such as currently in Alberta, Canada.  But where are the post-mortems and the immunohistochemistry staining to determine if certain foreign proteins are responsible for the fatal lesions? The science is there and readily available as to identifying the presence of spike and nucleocapsid proteins. Where the former is found, but not the latter one can thereby deduce that the spike was not there as part of the virus, but introduced by the ‘vaccine’.  An example of such an instance can be found in the October 2022 journal article by the Institute of Pathology ’Georg Schmorl’, The Municipal Hospital Dresden-Friedrichstadt

A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19


So we’ve known all along that the Lipid NanoParticles (LNPs) will circulate their mRNA packets all around the body, including passing through the blood-brain barrier, as again evidenced by the above post-mortem analysis. Indeed, this is gene therapy tech and this is precisely what it is meant to do. Pfizer was obviously aware of this, as the disclosure under FOI request by Dr Bryam Bridle of what was meant to be a ‘confidential’ bio-distribution study to the Japanese government (Pfizer-bio-distribution-confidential-document-translated-to-english) confirmed, and which was also referred to in this blog in June 2021.

So ‘Spike’ is a cytotoxin (and indeed so are the LNPs), and gets distributed all around the body where they can reprogram cells there to become little spike factories, where they will also trigger inflammation. Tough, if its somewhere critical, which of course it may be!

But don’t worry. They might have lied about the toxicity of Spike and the LNPs and that it would stay in the injection site, but surely they wouldn’t have lied about how long mRNA infected cells would keep churning out trillions of these poisonous spike proteins (or whatever mutated versions), let alone how long the actual mRNA would last in a person after injection!

Well, this is where things become even more interesting. Firstly, Pharma have little idea how long Spike will remain in a person, which also helps to explain the vast dosage variances between the different versions of these ‘vaccines’.  Perhaps more alarming however, is the emerging evidence that the mRNA might also persist for much longer than advertised in the body, as evidenced by a recent (23rd Jan 2023) peer reviewed article from Denmark titled

SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine sequences circulate in blood up to 28 days after COVID-19 vaccination

The irony here is that these scientists were originally trying to sequence Hepatitis C when they discovered the mRNA sequences from the ‘vaccine’ in over 9% of the study participants even up to 28 days after injection.  This of course is yet another piece of hard evidence (peer reviewed) that flies in the face of the official declarations by those supporting these gene therapies. Presumably, all those medical boards and governments mandating these experimental treatments will now publish their own original research to confirm of deny these new findings, otherwise one might conclude that the whole episode was based on factors other than real science!


So back to the real world of spy balloons, UFO’s, poison gas clouds, pronoun holocausts and whatever is actually really going on either under the Baltic and/or in Ukraine. One might almost wonder if we are meant to be distracted from seeing the real elephant in the room. Yes, that big dead one that no one in government, the press or main street media actually wants to discuss, let lone investigate.


Such as the 20% increase in EU mortality than compared to the 2016-19 average

Eurostat dataset can be found here


And anyone remember the increasingly heavy handed approach by Karl Lauterbach in Germany to jab everything that moved. Well how’s that going Karl. Perhaps he should take up chicken farming.


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What is worse, is that the young are not being spared either.  In December 2021 I wrote a piece that included ONS weekly mortality data for England & Wales for ages 10-19.  Following the introduction of the covid gene therapies to this 15 and over from June of 2021, weekly average mortality for the broader 10-19 age group (as 15-19 was not disclosed by ONS) rose to over +30% above the 2016-19 average over the second half of that year. Coincidence? If so, perhaps the WHO should declare it a pandemic of coincidences.

Since then, the pattern has been repeated even taking the age range up to 45 year olds. Here as can be seen from the below chart of ONS data, average weekly deaths remain well above their 2016-19 averages, with weeks 1-6 so far in 2023 up by approximately 16%.


Same story in England & Wales