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December US Jobs data again fiddled – all eyes on Fed asset purchases

This is getting repetitive! Once again, the BLS has reported a monthly US jobs estimate figure that has been artificially depressed by changing the seasonal adjustments. It is almost as if someone out there either doesn’t want the US to seem to return to normality, or is concerned that signs of a tightening job market […]

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Goldilocks, or just cognitive dissonance?

So 9 years after Mario Draghi salvaged markets with his infamous “Whatever it takes” promise by the ECB, his current counterpart at the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell is attempting to repeat the trick, with his testimony to US House of Representative this Monday (21st June) where he promised “We at the Fed will do […]

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Zero bond yields are not without a cost. Mind the Gap!

Interesting article yesterday on Bloomberg reporting that billionaire Stan Druckenmiller has dumped equities in favour of US treasuries, where he sees 10 year yields dropping to zero over the next 18 months. The two big assumptions however, is that Trump won’t get re-elected in 2020 and that US yields will converge down to those in […]

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