GrowthRater model portfolio additions – Apple (aapl), PayPal (pypl) and Paddy Power Betfair (ppb_l)

I am adding 3 stocks this morningto the GrowthRater model portfolio

  1. Apple, Inc (aapl) at $121.4 per share
  2. PayPal, Inc (pypl) at $39.8 per share
  3. Paddy Power Betfair (ppb_l) at 8,380p per share


  • Apple, inc (aapl):  Added at $121.4 (close)

aapl summary 2017-02-01 table

aapl GR chart 2017-02-01


  • PayPal, inc (pypl):  Added at $39.8 (close)

pypl summary table 2017-02-01

pypl GR charts 2017-02-01

pypl horizons 2017-02-01


  • Paddy PowerBetfair Plc (ppb_l):  Added at 8,380 pence

ppb summary table 2017-02-01

ppl gr charts 2017-02-01


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