Shock-horror, UK official data confirms no ‘shock-horror’

Shock horror, according to official data on covid deaths without co-morbidities in England & Wales from the ONS (Office of National Statistics), there is no ‘shock-horror’, as cumulative covid deaths without co-morbidities up to the end of Q3 2021 total a mere 17,371 people, with an average age of around 81.5 years. Exclude all those over 65 years old and this total drops to a measly 3,775 people, or an annualised 2,157, which represents only 2.3% of all deaths for that age group during that period, or a fatality rate of 0.0044%. Or put it another way, we have been threatened, abused, locked-up, bankrupted and denied an education and most medical treatments, for a disease, which for the healthy, has a survivability rate of approximately 99.9956%!

Needless to say, those in mainstream media and big tech who have been pushing the fear-porn are as silent as the proverbial crickets on this inconvenient fact, although, for the rest of us who have not been asleep, this comes as no surprise.  Over a year ago, the CDC conceded that only 6% of the then deaths ascribed to covid were without co-morbidities, while the current CDC head, Walensky has recently admitted to over 75% of reported covid deaths in the US have four or more co-morbitities. While the principle of ‘informed consent’ for medical treatments seems to have been abandoned by our ruling elite and regimes and forgotten by the captured media and other globalist interests, this will return to bite them where it hurts as more of the public awaken to the scam.

Any cost-benefit analysis of a medical treatment starts with an assessment of the risk of the underlying disease that the medication is attempting to alleviate, or cure.  Over-state the risk of the disease, including denying alternative treatments and a public can be persuaded to accept a cure that otherwise it would not be prepared to justify. Over-state the risk and one is therefore also denying people their right to honest data with which they can be informed enough to offer a true consent and therefore is a clear breach of human rights and the Nuremberg Code (6).  Perhaps it has taken evidence of Boris’s ‘partygate’ and similar infractions of lockdown rules by the governing elites in other countries to provide the catalyst to public awareness that their rulers don’t appear to fear the disease as much as their edicts purport, but the proverbial cat is now out of the bag; particularly with the mild Omicron variant now proving a more effective and safer natural and lasting immunity than the gene therapies.

On the 16 December 2021, the ONS published a response to a Freedom of Information request (FOI/2021/3240) asking how many people had died of covid, with “no other underlying causes”.  Instead of the 127k of excess deaths (vs the 5 year trailing average), or 150-170k ranges quoted by the official fear-mongers, depending on the definitions used, albeit all adopting the flawed PCR test, the result (below) has come as a surprise to many.  If you are ‘youngish’ (<65) and healthy, the risk of dying of covid are tiny and notwithstanding the denial of effective early treatments, suggest a survivability rate of 99.9956% pa for the population of England and Wales.


Seen this reported by MSM? – thought not!

17,371 deaths across 21 months equates to an annualised mortality of 9,926 for the overall population while the cumulative total of 3,774 for the under 65 year olds drops to an annualised total of only 2,157.  Compare this to an annualised mortality of approx 595k pa for the whole of England and Wales and approx 93k pa for the under 65’s and this translates into a fairly innocuous proportion of both deaths and as a proportion of the population (see below)

Approx 600k people die every year in England & Wales


Covid deaths, without additional underlying causes amounted to only 1.7% over average mortality in England and Wales for the period analysed (cumulative to end Q3 2021), including 2.3% for the under 65’s and only 1.5% for the remainder.


Covid only deaths (without co-morbidities) represented only 2% of overall deaths


That means the deaths fro covid, without additional underlying causes amounted to an annualised rate of only 0.0164% for all age groups, including 0.0044% for the under 65’s and 0.0689% for the remainder.


Truly scary?

Flip this on its head and that suggests a survivability rate for the healthy of 99.9836% overall and 99.9956% for the under 65’s.


Seasonal flu & pneumonia is more dangerous and kills approx 25k annually!


So against the 17,371 cumulative deaths from covid, without additional underlying causes, we already have official reports of 455k adverse reactions to the jabs across 159k people, including almost 2k deaths.  These statistics however, include only the “spontaneous” adverse events and may well understate the actual impacts as also found for the US VAERS (with under 1% of adverse reactions reported according to the Harvard study in 2010, commissioned by the CDC themselves). As one can see from the table below, this total for deaths did not include the 497 spontaneous abortions and only 6 of the 1,781 cases of Mycarditis and Pericarditis, where the medium term survivability records can be bleak!.

At what cost however?

So what latest gems do we have out of the CDC in the US on this subject? Well it seems that according to Walensky, most of those in the US reported as having died of Covid, probably died of other causes and with covid rather than from covid. According to Walensky, over 75% of these deaths had four co-morbidities, or more!